Jewelhope New Day Rising   -   Nemo

Swiss Show Champion

Swiss Junior Champion

RCS ClubWinner 2016

Alpen -Jugendsieger

Clubjugendsieger 2016 (D)

Top Puppy 2016


Geburtsdatum / DOB  14.07.2015

HD B/C   ED 0:0

BVA 6:8

Augen frei 27.08.2017

Gonio frei 25.09.2016

Schere komplett

GR_PRA1 frei / clear

GR_PRA2 frei / clear

ICT-A Träger / carrier

Schulterhöhe: 58cm



Ruhiger Goldenrüde mit schönen Retrieverqualitäten. Zeigte heute eine tolle Apportier-und Nasenarbeit. Hat mir sehr gut gefallen. Bravo!


Karin Gerber, Paul Koch, Rita Rohrbach - Studen, 02.10.2016


14. Monatiger Jungrüde mit bereits sehr gut entwickelten Anlagen, viel Ausstrahlung und Typ. Einzig in der jugendlich, freudigen Bewegung zeigt sich sein Alter.


Verena Neuburger - Studen 01.10.2016


Fotos und Videos



 Multi CH Sokenlea Trendy In Tweed

 A/A  0:0

 Augen frei 2015, Gonio frei

 GR_PRA 1+2 frei

 ICT-A befallen

 Eng CH Trewater Made To Measure

 6:3  0:0

 EngSHCH Lindjan Xylonite
 Trewater Lottie

 Rosinante Scarlet Woman Among Sokenlea

 6:6  0:0

 EngCH Stanroph Squadron Leader
 Rosinante Lady In Red
 Swiss CH Bojangels It Must Have Been Love

 A/A  0:0

 Augen frei 2016, Gonio frei

 GR_PRA1 +2 frei

 ICT-A frei

 Int CH Amilone The Laird to Hareswith

 A/A  0:0

 Tenfield Sea Biscuit
 Amilone Betty Boop

 Bojangels Enchantment

 A/A  0:0

 Albacante d'Escolore
 Bluebell de Hareswith



29.Mai 2016 - Mrs G. Hewitson, GB

I like this youngster very much for his overall balance and type, carrying the best of coats in super condition, most balanced and appealing head, plenty of reach of neck flowing into correct shoulder placement, good depth of body and plenty of bone, well bent stifles with plenty of strength and neat short hocks allowing him to move with drive and a good positive action, should have a very bright future


21 Mai 2016 - Mr J.R. Sauge, NO

A dog of excellent breed type, 10 months old, lovely head and expression, good neck, well angulated, strong bone, level topline, moves well for his age, beautiful coat, well presented


03 December 17 IHA Wels, A Open Exc1 - CACA - CACIB - BOS Mr R. Strudwick, GB
02 December 17 IHA Wels, A Open Exc2 - Res CACA Mr A. Zeppi
27 August 17 Club Show Burgdorf Open Exc2 - Res CAC Mrs R.-L. Lehtonen, Fi
20 August 17 CACIB Innsbruck, A Open Exc1 - CACA Mr J. Verees, B
05 August 17 CACIB Kreuzlingen Open Exc3 Mrs T. Illukka, Fi
25 June 17 CACIB Aarau Intermediate

Exc1 - CAC

Swiss Show Champion

Mr S. Jobse, SE
24 June 17 CACIB Aarau Intermediate Exc1 - CAC Mr H. Fryckstrand, SE
23 April 17 National Lémanique, Montricher Intermediate Exc1 - CAC - Bester Rüde Mr M. Vallois
18 December 16 Weihnachtsausstellung Olten Intermediate Exc1 - CAC Mrs S. Zubair, GB
25 September 16 Expo La Romandie Avenches Junior Exc1 - JCAC - Best Junior of Breed -  Best Junior in Show Mrs P. Barnes, GB
21 August 16 Cub Show Burgdorf Junior Exc1 - JCAC - Best Junior of Breed - Best Swiss Bred in Breed - BOB - Best Junior In Show - Best Swiss Bred in Show - Res BIS Mrs C. Berchtold, A
19 June 16 IHA Aarau Junior

Exc1 - JCAC

Swiss Junior Champion

Mrs N. Davidovic, SRB
18 June 16 NHA Aarau Junior Exc1 - JCAC - Best Junior of Breed - BOS Mrs R. Wild, CH
29 Mai 16 DRC Clubschau Oberhausen, D Junior

Exc1 - JCAC/Anw.Dt.Ch.VDH-J


Mrs G. Hewitson, GB
21 Mai 16 IHA Kreuzlingen Junior

Exc1 - JCAC


qualified for Crufts 2017

Mr J.R. Sauge, NO
23 April 16 Spezial-Rassehunde-Schau Friedberg, D Junior Exc Mr B. Espeland, NO
12 March 16 CACIB Offenburg, D Youngster Vp1 Mrs T. Schmid, CH
13 December 15 Weihnachtsausstellung Olten Baby Vp2 Mr J. Richardson, GB