15 BOB - 7 CACIB - 7 Res CACIB - 39 CAC - 5 Res CAC - 1 BJOB - 1 JCAC - 2 Res JCAC


IHA Aarau

19. Juni 2016 Mrs N. Davidovic, SRB

Exc1 - CAC - CACIB - BOB - Best of Group

Very impressive dog, nice example of the breed, stunning head and good type, kind expression, black pigment, strong masculine neck well set on body, fantastic proportions, shoulder laid back and good bone, excellent front, excellent rear angulation, deep chest, level topline and good set tail, good carried, excellent coat condition with good undercoat, good size, moves with style and drive, full of quality and power



Clubshow Oberhausen-Rheinhausen, D

21. Mai 2016 Mr G. Hewitson, GB

Exc1 - CAC - BOB - Clubsieger

So much to like about this dog, he stands in the most correct balanced position not overdone in any way, most beautiful head and dark eye and pigmentation, love his flowing neck into excellent shoulder placement, good depth of body, the best of toplines and tail set, well muscled throughout, he is shown in most beautiful coat and condition, moved with ease around the ring


IHA Kreuzlingen

21. Mai 2016 Mr J.R. Sauge, NO

Exc1 - CAC - CACIB - BOB - Alpensieger - Crufts qualiciation

Beautiful dog in tip-top condition, lovely head and expression, long neck, super front, lovely topline and hind quarters, moves really well, fantastic coat, well presented


Weihnachtsausstellung Olten

14. Dezember 2014 Mrs M. Neil, GB

Exc1 - CAC - BOB

top quality mid gold male of excellent type, shown in beautiful coat and condition, masuline head with soft gentle expression, good pigmentation, good reach of neck into correctly constructed front, good bone and feet, short coupled, level topline and tailset, good width to hind quarters, moved very well


IHA St. Gallen

11 Mai 2014 Mr B. Facq, F

Exc1 - CAC

3 years, dog in full maturity. Lovely sweet head with excellent pigment. Exc. length of neck. Exc. front angulation. Correct chest. Exc. topline and tailset. Good bone and correct feet. I would prefer a little more deeper rib cage. He is a little long in loin. Very well presented in good condition. Exc movement. Keeps his topline.


IHA Fribourg

22 Februar 2014 Mrs T. Schmid, CH

Exc1 - CAC

Schweizer Schönheits Champion

sportliche Gesamterscheinung, gut geschnittener Kopf, etwas lose Lefzen, kräftiger,trockener Hals, vorzügliche obere Linie, sehr gute Winkelungen, feste geschlossene Pfoten, förderndes Gangwerk, sicheres angenehmes Verhalten, wird sehr gut Präsentiert



Expo La Romandie Avenches

22 September 2013 Mr Jacque Goubie, F

Exc1 - CAC - BOB - Best Gundog In Show - Best In Show




International Show Innsbruck, A

11 August 2013 Mrs B. Hutchison, GB


Very balanced and exaggerated, nice head, correct angulation both ends, good bone and feet, good topline, moved soundly and with drive, coat okay, showed well



Esposizione di Vercelli, I

6 Juli 2013 Mr G. Bauchal, I

Exc1 - CAC - CACIB




Club Show Burgdorf

02 Juni 2013 Mrs I. Cuthill, GB

Exc1 - CAC - Best Gundog of Breed - BOB - Best Gundog In Show - Reserve Best In Show

Very attractive dog of good size with excellent outline, balanced angulation, pleasing head and expression with good pigments, good feet, moves very nicely




IHA Saarbrücken, D

20 Mai 2013 Mrs M.J. Melchior, L

Exc1 - Anw. Dt.CH.-VDH

2 Jahre, gut geschnittener Kopf, dunkle Augen, dunkles Pigment, etwas offene Lippenwinkel, gute Rückenlinie, kräftige Knochen, korrekte Pfoten, freundliches Wesen, gut präsentiert, fliessender Bewegungsablauf



NHA Saarbrücken, D

19 Mai 2013 Mrs S. Jarmer, A


harmonisch aufgebauter Rüde, eleganter Kopf mit sehr gutem Ausdruck, sehr gut gewinkelt vorne und hinten, sehr schöne obere und untere Linie, sehr guter Bewegungsablauf, sympathisches Wesen




IHA St. Gallen

05 Mai 2013 Mr B. Lundgren, SE

Exc2 - Res CAC - Res CACIB

Very well balanced dog, nice masculine head, very kind expression, good neck and shoulder, good angulations, enough spring of ribs, nice top line, very sound mover, good bone and coat



IHA Fribourg

17 Februar 2013 Mrs M. Holm-Hansen, DK

Exc1 - CAC

22 months, excellent size and proportions but needs to "body up", lovely head and expression, excellent pigment, strong correct topline and tailset, with strong quarters and he moves with drive, excellent bone and feet, good coat, good neck and shoulder placement, too straight in uper arm



IHA Fribourg

16 Februar 2013 Mrs C. Zingg, F

Exc2 - Res CAC

pleasing type, good bone, good reach of neck, would prefer more shoulder angulation, deep well-ribbed body, level topline, scores in rear quarters, presented and handled to advantage, moved well



Christmas Show Olten

09 December 2012 Mrs C. Gilbert, GB

Exc1 - CAC

Very strong topline, moves very well, good bone, very neat feet, good head and pigmentation, carries himself well on the move




NHA Karlsruhe, D

11 November 2012 Mrs M. Holm-Hansen, DK

Exc1 - Anw. Dt.CH.-VDH / Club

18 months, excellent size and typ, in excellent condition, sweet head and expression with excellent pigment, good neck and shoulder, a little straight in upper arm, good rib, super topline and tail carriage, strong quarters, moves efficiently, not in his best coat today, he needs another year or two to fully mature but has great potential



Expo La Romandie Avenches

23 September 2012 Mrs T. Savolainen, FI

Exc1 - CAC - Best of Breed

17 months old male with good proportions, good neck and topline, lovely head with dark eyes and excellent pigmentation, good forechest, good bones, well angulated, good feet, good coat and tail carriage, moves well with energy in all directions.



IHA St.Gallen

13 Mai 2012 Mrs S. Almey, GB

Exc1 - JCAC - Best Junior of Breed - qualified for Crufts 2013

Very nice well balanced boy, lovely head with kind expression, neat ears, good shoulder angulation, level topline and strong hind quarters. Excellent bone and feet, moves very well. Well presented and handled.



Club Show Burgdorf

15 April 2012 Mrs H. Lambshead, GB


Lovely young dog with very clean outline, typical Golden-expression, good bones, strong level topline, neat hocks and feet, moves very soundly both in front and behind, in good coat and condition.



IHA Fribourg

26 Februar 2012 Mrs S

Exc2 - Res.JCAC

Nice head and expression, excellent pigmentation, excellent neck and topline, ribcage well developed for age, good front and bone, nice coat, very well angulated, nice mover.